The isolated systems are mostly located in the North region of Brazil and are not connected to the National Interconnected System (SIN in Portuguese) because of geographic aspects. In these systems, small thermal power plants are the only source of electricity generation in many cities, districts and communities. They are mainly diesel-powered oil and satisfy all the local demand.


The BBF project is based on the replacement of fossil fuels with renewable ones, especially biodiesel, which has a significantly cleaner combustion and is much less pollutant. So, the company owns biodiesel and biomass-powered thermal power plants in four states located in the North region, regulated by the National Electricity Agency (ANEEL in Portuguese) and acquired through auctions of the generation of the isolated systems.


Currently, we have 15 power plants that work with no interruptions. Later in 2019, 5 more unities will start operation and by June 2021 we will have 2 more. These power plants won the auction to supply Boa Vista and connected locations.


Focusing on renewable sources use, we transform biodiesel and biomass into energy, an efficient and ecologically responsible solution that can satisfy the demand and reduce costs through the use of locally available raw material and labour, replacing imported or outside produced ones.

Our differences

Change in the energy matrix of power plants in the isolated systems replacing diesel oil with biodiesel, which reduces the environmental impacts of energy generation.

Cost reduction in energy generation using locally available resources, as a way of substituting the currently used ones, imported or outside produced.

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We operate in the electricity generation from environmentally cleaner sources in isolated areas located in the inland of the North region.

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Counting with new partners and investors, it will be possible to expand our projects, creating more jobs and contributing to the sustainable development of the North of Brazil.

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