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BBF was founded in 2008 by individual shareholders that shared the same dream: to change the isolated system of energetic matrices in the North of Brazil, creating jobs, generating income and decreasing the cost of electricity for the population from a sustainable matrix, using biodiesel as a substitute for diesel oil in local thermal power plants as of renewable sources, like vegetable oil and biomass.


From this dream, a challenge arose: to carry out a good project able to assure the efficiency of the proposed solution, maintaining the commitment to society and respect to the environment. To achieve that, BBF has entered into partnerships with the best companies aiming, as a team, the sustainable development in the northern region, focusing on meeting the current needs without compromising the future generation.


We successfully implemented a project based on the sustainability tripod. Now, we have projects in several different areas, such as palm oil cultivation, dendê oil production, biodiesel production and commercialization and generation of electricity using biodiesel and biomass.

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We have operated in the North of Brazil since 2009, investing in the sustainable cultivation of palm oil, vegetable oil beneficiation, biodiesel production and generation of electricity in the isolated systems.

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Counting with new partners and investors, it will be possible to expand our projects, creating more jobs and contributing to the sustainable development of the North of Brazil.

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