Biodiesel is a biodegradable fuel produced from renewable sources, as vegetable oil and animal fat, which adds benefits in the economic, socio-environmental and politic fields. More than that, it assists markets that need efficient, clean and safe fuel. It’s an alternative to substitute diesel, a fossil, non-renewable fuel and a notable pollutant emitter.


Brazil has great potential when regarding the energetic use of biodiesel, with lots of available areas to cultivate oilseeds, an aspect that creates many job opportunities and generation of income in agribusiness. Considering these guidelines, the Brazilian Federal Government elaborated a strategic action in 2004 creating the National Program of Production and Use of Biodiesel (PNPB in Portuguese) to strengthen the market and encourage social inclusion in its production chain.


The introduction of biodiesel in the Brazilian energy matrix occurred in 2005 and, a decade later, Brazil is already the second biggest in the world about that. This insertion has generated positive impacts on the country’s development.


In this market, we work with Amazonbio, which has operated in the region since 2009 and has the objective to produce biodiesel to generate electricity in the isolated systems and commercialize the surplus production in bimonthly auctions promoted by ANP. Located in the industrial district of Ji-Paraná, in Rondônia state, it has a strategic location considering that it is close to the northern distributors. Currently, Amazonbio can produce 90m³/day and is the only biodiesel power plant located in the northwest region of Brazil (Rondônia, Acre, Amazonas e Roraima).


Considering the increasing biodiesel consumption, BBF identified Zona Franca de Manaus as a good opportunity to expand its business. This new project is already authorized by the environmental agency for its installation and will have an initial capacity of 100m3/day, increasing it gradually until 300 m³/day.

Our differences

Use of local raw materials, strengthen the market and local development.

Strategic location, considering how close the BBF power plants are from the northern distributors.

Check out some pictures of our operation

We have operated in the North of Brazil since 2009, investing in biodiesel production from palm oil and beef tallow.

Check out some pictures of our operation

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Counting with new partners and investors, it will be possible to expand our projects, creating more jobs and contributing to the sustainable development of the North of Brazil.

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