Palm oil é one of the tropical most profitable crops in the world. Also, it promotes the local socio-economic development, including small farmers and rural workers, as a result of their management.


So, this oil is the world leader in trading and consumption, standing out in comparison to other vegetable oils due to its versatility: it is present in the food and chemical industry, besides the biofuel production.


Much of the northern region of the country has good climatic conditions to produce palm. Its adaptation to tropical areas is easy, with high carbon sequestration rates and lifespan, which demonstrates the technical-environmental viability of cultivation.


Considering that, the Brazilian Federal Government commissioned the elaboration of the Agroecological Zoning of Dendezeiro for deforested areas in the legal Amazon (ZAE – Dendê, in Portuguese), approved by the Decree nº 7.172, of May 7th, 2010. Based on the ZAE – Dendê, it occurred the elaboration of the Sustainable Production of Palm Oil Program, which represents an alternative to the recomposition of degraded areas in Amazon, besides generating an elevated number of local labour jobs. This program also prohibits the clearing of the native forest to produce palm and sets clear rules to crop expansion and defines these areas for planting.


In São João da Baliza/RR, BBF has palm oil planting areas and a beneficiation power plant. Palm planting of BBF and local partners in the production phase corresponds to more than 5.5 thousand hectares available to clusters extraction and beneficiation. This area represents a palm oil production potential of over 27 thousand tons per year in the peak of the plantations maturity, demonstrating a high advantage compared to other oilseed species that demand larger cultivation areas.


Our beneficiation palm oil power plant can press 15 tons of fresh fruits per hour. Its infrastructure allows the increasing of the capacity to assist the local market in constant growth.

Our differences

A perennial culture that creates a high number of jobs.

Flexible infrastructures that allow increasing beneficiation capacity according to market needs.

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We have operated in the North of Brazil since 2008, investing in biodiesel production and extracting vegetable oil.

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Counting with new partners and investors, it will be possible to expand our projects, creating more jobs and contributing to the sustainable development of the North of Brazil.

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